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Centurion (2)

I completely missed the fact that yesterday’s post was in fact the 200th of this blog. Perhaps my doodling wasn’t the best way to mark that particular occasion. Here are some pictures to rectify the situation.

Wish I'd been as cool as this kid when I was small. Picture taken from - "geek girls FTW" - check it out, I just discovered the site today.

Variation on an old classic.

Forget Adrianne Palicki, how about Sasha Grey as Wonder Woman?

And my personal favourite... Burger King in Yellow by Amazonne (brazenly stolen from DA). This is just plain awesome.


No Sleep Till Bedford


There Were Bears returned to Esquires and…this keyboard enhanced five piece really are dull. Very akin to Coldplay on mogadon. The band say little except to make mention of their prevoius visit. Another yawn.”

Full review here:

More photos over here:

Just Bear Stuffs

Photo by Jen Head

My band There Were Bears are mobilising this year. It’s been some time since we released our first e.p. Mornings and we finally started demoing tracks for the new record before Christmas. That was the first batch of five demos and as far as I’m aware we intend to do the same again with another batch or two until we have the right mix of songs, and the right versions of those songs for the album. We have already cut a couple of previously dead certs. from the album (though there will be a split vinyl appearing sometime soon using at least one of these – more details to follow).

I don’t actually know for certain if I’m supposed to be divulging this information, but here we go – spoiler alert – the name of the new record, our first full length album will be: ‘You are seen, you are known, you are loved.’

There Was Beard

After that bombshell, here’s a picture of Matt and his mighty beard, grown for a charity bet. It’s really rather amazing. It’s also important to document whilst it still exists as it may not even be present at our next gig – which is this coming Saturday at Bedford Esquires as main support to homegrown heroes Flood of Red. If you’re in the area you should come on down!

Sails! Sails!

Escargot! Escargot!

I realised that I have been talking quite a lot about upcoming projects for this year, explaining some, with more in the pipeline, lauding some whilst others I have only alluded to so far. However, one of the main creative ventures that I intend to focus on this year is that There Were Bears and our long-overdue album. We started demoing some tracks a while back and ended up taking a sort of natural break over the Christmas period, but now it is time once more to rock. I am inordinately excited about the prospect.

To whet your appetites here is a video that someone (I’m afraid I have no idea who) put together for the first track (Sails! Sails!) taken from our first e.p. Mornings. You can also find the ‘official’ video for the track Run Dry the River over here and listen to the entire thing over at micebase.

Run Dry the River

Utterly shameless self-promotion. And I suppose a reasonable excuse for me to mention that new There Were Bears material is in the works, we should begin recording soon.

Props to Matt Oaten for shooting the video, lovely chap.

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