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Give ROTW a sound limit of 75db

Give ROTW a sound limit of 75db.

Yeah, do it, basically.


All Quiet

Recently things have been, and will continue to be, pretty quiet around here. I’m both working on several new projects and attempting to bring some ongoing things to a satisfying conclusion. It’s taking up quite a lot of my time.

Quick props list:

  • Mr and Mrs Reeder – Congratulations! Fantastic reception last night.
  • Burial, for making amazing music. Get the S/T and Untrue. Be wowed.
  • Meal times, both Epic and Swedish.
  • Wearing a suit and tie. It’s still undeniably classy.
  • The Cthulhu Mythos and the people who keep it alive, as always.

Centurion (2)

I completely missed the fact that yesterday’s post was in fact the 200th of this blog. Perhaps my doodling wasn’t the best way to mark that particular occasion. Here are some pictures to rectify the situation.

Wish I'd been as cool as this kid when I was small. Picture taken from - "geek girls FTW" - check it out, I just discovered the site today.

Variation on an old classic.

Forget Adrianne Palicki, how about Sasha Grey as Wonder Woman?

And my personal favourite... Burger King in Yellow by Amazonne (brazenly stolen from DA). This is just plain awesome.

The Robot King

“I am the robot king, I’m not made of tin
   I am the robot baron, my name is not Sharon” – InfernOtoriuM

ROBOT by Joshua Hoffine

So the other day Laura, ever a source of inspiring pictures, blogs, films, events, etc., pointed me in the direction of Joshua Hoffine’s personal website. He’s a pretty well known photographer specialising in horror shots – most of which are pretty gnarly (and some of which are almost certainly not work safe, in case that’s an issue). One of his most recent photos is the one above, entitled ROBOT. It’s a sweet shot and as I’ve been on a bit of a trip recently of 80’s classic horror and/or sci-fi films e.g. Blade Runner, Alien and The Thing  it should come as no surprise that I particularly liked this one (yes, I do know Alien was 1979, really, but it still falls into that same group of films in my mind). The actual robot also reminded me a little bit of IG-88.

Robot bounty hunter FTW

ThenI found out that he has a ‘behind the scenes’ blog, and has included a post about ROBOT that goes through everything from initial sketches, to the construction of the robot, from the prosthetics to the post-production. As I have, simultaneously to my film trip, also been getting steadily more and more interested in the whole world of special effects, this really captured me. You should check out Joshua’s blog detailing the full making of, his thought process behind creating the shot, etc. (it’s a WordPress blog, of course) over here:

Something Cool

A Yithian, as drawn by an 8yr old.

Here’s something cool that I found (again, pretty damn late) over at Comics Alliance, a Halloween art project run for a children’s choir in which the main focus was the stories of a one Mr. H. P. Lovecraft. An amazing selection of Yithians, Shoggoths, Elder Things and, of course, great Cthulhu himself. Click the link to see more of the same child-produced sanity destroying artwork!

Cosmic horror for kiddies, anyone?

Disco Disco Disco Disco

I currently can’t embed this video, and I will be adding some photos to this blog as soon as they are available, so for now I will just leave you with this link:!/video/video.php?v=10150202356341978

By the power of Greyskull!

Or: By the power of the internet!

Right now I’m probably somewhere in Sherwood Forest (Adrenalin Jungle, to be more precise) hopefully having a grand old time, doing something very similar to this:

We’re on my friend Chris Reeder’s stag weekend, so don’t expect anything too coherent (if anything at all) for the next day or so. I wrote this, for example, on Thursday.

Welcome to my blog.

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