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I <3 Noise


Daniel Clough is a sound artist/electroacoustic composer living in London. He explores subjects such as noise, vocal manipulation, field recordings, drones, algorithmic compositional techniques and computer synthesis to create his work.”

He’s also a good friend of mine and is working on a compositional language of his own design for noise (an example of which you can see above). He’s finally using his blog again (I know, I’ve been a bit crap the past few days too) and has put some sweet sound clips up, as well as a bit of artwork and some links to free EPs. You should check it out, even if you wouldn’t normally listen to anything experimental, noisy, droney, whatever. Big up.

Dan and I (quite) a few years ago doing an improv noise session. Lots of Amen breaks that night...


The Robot King

“I am the robot king, I’m not made of tin
   I am the robot baron, my name is not Sharon” – InfernOtoriuM

ROBOT by Joshua Hoffine

So the other day Laura, ever a source of inspiring pictures, blogs, films, events, etc., pointed me in the direction of Joshua Hoffine’s personal website. He’s a pretty well known photographer specialising in horror shots – most of which are pretty gnarly (and some of which are almost certainly not work safe, in case that’s an issue). One of his most recent photos is the one above, entitled ROBOT. It’s a sweet shot and as I’ve been on a bit of a trip recently of 80’s classic horror and/or sci-fi films e.g. Blade Runner, Alien and The Thing  it should come as no surprise that I particularly liked this one (yes, I do know Alien was 1979, really, but it still falls into that same group of films in my mind). The actual robot also reminded me a little bit of IG-88.

Robot bounty hunter FTW

ThenI found out that he has a ‘behind the scenes’ blog, and has included a post about ROBOT that goes through everything from initial sketches, to the construction of the robot, from the prosthetics to the post-production. As I have, simultaneously to my film trip, also been getting steadily more and more interested in the whole world of special effects, this really captured me. You should check out Joshua’s blog detailing the full making of, his thought process behind creating the shot, etc. (it’s a WordPress blog, of course) over here:

Off the Wagon


It’s the Friday after a very long couple of weeks, I’ve got the weekend off and a tournament on Sunday. The sun was actually (vaguely) out and I’m (still) not stone broke. So I went to the pub, and for the second time this year there was no new post yesterday.

How swift the fall… more proper stuff later! Until then have some Lovecraftian Lolcats-style pictures. 

I want a cephalapod!


Day 30

One Final Moment

Well, there was this one time, in Minehead…

A sound that will haunt my dreams for as long as I live.

Day 29

Your Aspirations

I have numerous aspirations in life; for this week; for the rest of the weekend, even. I think I may have mentioned this before on the blog, but really one day I’d love to grow up to be a writer and musician. There’s actually nothing that interests or motivates me so much as being creative and trying out new possibilities. I’ve had a pretty good first month to this year, with some nice little projects on the way (and more to come!) but I would love to make the leap.

A friend of mine recently informed the world of FaceSpace that he joined Psychic TV the other night, as through mutual friends he knows Genesis P-Orridge. This is obviously incredibly cool, and I’m so pleased for him, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a touch envious. It would certainly be nice to be afforded such a opporutnity; such a foot up the ladder, as it were.Still, you don’t get those kind of breaks without working for them.

I guess at the end of the day the one thing I really aspire to be is a happy person, with those who I love around me. Music and writing will always be a part of my life and if I catch a break someday, I’ll be over the moon, but I’m not kidding myself. There is real life to worry about, too.

Day 28

Something You Miss

 The bus… the train…

All seriousness aside, I don’t actually miss a lot. Some friends who I no longer have contact with, that always sucks. mainly just the freedom and (I suppose debatable) innocence of being a kid.

  • Wake up (don’t feel like shit)
  • Go to school (grumble about it, but like it really)
  • (Not have to go to work)
  • Come home from school, watch telly, mess about with mates whatever
  • Truly free at the weekends
  • Fall asleep at night with ease (no concerns of death/money/war/taxes/stress/etc.)

Maybe an idealised, misty-eyed, semi-nostalgic, vomit-inducing little fantasy – but I do miss it occasionally.

Day 27

Your Favourite Place

Uhm, in bed? Wait, no – in bed with Laura! If our bed was above a pub… that was really gamer friendly, served proper ales and beer (i.e. wasn’t some sort of wine bar disgrace) and played only the best in music. Noisy music. And it would also have live gigs – the best gigs the world has ever seen! We’d have food as well, obviously. Gorgeous food, DERICIOUS even. We would obviously have the biggest and best mixed grill in town, with a nice local brew straight from the cask to your table, whilst a sweet jazz-noise combo played in the background. Afterwards there would be board games. Just returning to the bed thing, it’d be circular and covered in cushions and throws and an assortment of plush animals / characters (Cthulhu and Totoro, I’m looking at you). Back to the pub, we’d have a board games night and a roleplaying night, then a couple of nights of live music. The pub would obviously have some sort of turret. It might be called something amazing, but so amazing that I can’t think of anything right now. I always liked The Tally Ho, which is in/just outside Cambridge – their sign is of a Spitfire, which is awesome. Ours might have a name taken from ancient mythology… The Lammassu, I like. Our pub would be dark inside, not so dark as to not be able to see, but dark with uneven floors and random little cubbyholes and hidden tables and beams and stuff. We’d show all the good sports and have some gaming consoles wired up as well. And pinball machines; so manu pinball machins. It would be great.

Come to our pub, you know you want to.

Welcome to my blog.

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