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I <3 Noise


Daniel Clough is a sound artist/electroacoustic composer living in London. He explores subjects such as noise, vocal manipulation, field recordings, drones, algorithmic compositional techniques and computer synthesis to create his work.”

He’s also a good friend of mine and is working on a compositional language of his own design for noise (an example of which you can see above). He’s finally using his blog again (I know, I’ve been a bit crap the past few days too) and has put some sweet sound clips up, as well as a bit of artwork and some links to free EPs. You should check it out, even if you wouldn’t normally listen to anything experimental, noisy, droney, whatever. Big up.

Dan and I (quite) a few years ago doing an improv noise session. Lots of Amen breaks that night...


More B Flat

Here’s something excellent that was shown to me a few days ago. It started as an experiment in embedding multiple YouTube videos on one page, and the guy who started it recoding some music for it. He then sent out emails and put up an open call on the website for submissions, with instructions to follow as to the kind of tempo/style/mood of the videos he was looking for.

The resulting videos now comprise the main page of – you should really check it out! It reminds quite a lot of seeing Godspeed You! Black Emperor live a little while back (they were amazing) because of the selection of instruments and use of spoken word, etc. It’s very cool.

The video below is a composite of the parts currently on and is obviously just one of many ways that the individual videos can be combined to create new sounds every time. Look out for some pretty sweet instrument choices…

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