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Centurion (2)

I completely missed the fact that yesterday’s post was in fact the 200th of this blog. Perhaps my doodling wasn’t the best way to mark that particular occasion. Here are some pictures to rectify the situation.

Wish I'd been as cool as this kid when I was small. Picture taken from - "geek girls FTW" - check it out, I just discovered the site today.

Variation on an old classic.

Forget Adrianne Palicki, how about Sasha Grey as Wonder Woman?

And my personal favourite... Burger King in Yellow by Amazonne (brazenly stolen from DA). This is just plain awesome.


Off the Wagon


It’s the Friday after a very long couple of weeks, I’ve got the weekend off and a tournament on Sunday. The sun was actually (vaguely) out and I’m (still) not stone broke. So I went to the pub, and for the second time this year there was no new post yesterday.

How swift the fall… more proper stuff later! Until then have some Lovecraftian Lolcats-style pictures. 

I want a cephalapod!


The Stars Are Right

Just makes me think of Play Your Cards Right... "Higher than a 7? Oh no, I'm sorry it's Yog-Sothoth." Gribble.

In case it wasn’t glaringly obvious by now, I really like gaming and I really like the Cthulhu mythos. When the two combine, it’s one of my favourite things. I’m lucky enough to have a girlfriend who understands my geeky ways, and indeed embraces them herself. She picked up this gem from our favourite store Inner Sanctum Collectibles (Plug! Where’s my affiliate money, Graham?) on a whim the other day, as it was post-pay day, we were looking for something fun to add to our collection, and the Munchkin Cthulhu bits we considered either weren’t available yet or didn’t appeal that day. Laura spotted this one, The Stars Are Right from Steve Jackson Games, makers of many amazing games (including the aforementioned Munchkin, GURPS, and my two favourite widely available dice games, Zombie Dice and of course Cthulhu Dice).

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Pro Evo

Laura tried to name her final major degree project this. Truth.

I’ve been a bit busy today, but I’m working on some proper posts for the next few days on various topics including games design, sweet deck tech, a new book review or two (finally) and, of course, more Cthulhu-related insanity! Thanks for reading.

Crime Never Pays

Another project for 2011! Awesome! This time round, I’m supplying some music and ambient noise for a video game level that Binky is making as part of his degree. The game itself has been described to me as being like “28 Days Later but with werewolves and set in neo-China”. This quite clearly being the best exposition that I have ever heard. I can visualise a full theatrical trailer even better than the recent one for Dead Island (if you haven’t watched it then, well… do so!). The preview above clearly shows off some of the setting and stylistic decisions for the level – now imagine it with some creepy, droney, glitchy, horrific ambient noise behind it all. That’s my job:

Just after everything went tits up.

This is just a little snapshot of one of the setups that I was using to create some sounds last weekend, and as the caption and my post from Friday alluded to, things went a little awry. My adaptor decided to stop working (no idea whatsoever why that should be the case) and so I didn’t get a whole lot done, but it’s fine again now. I’m hoping to start recording the music for this project, or demos at least, throughout March. As soon as I have something to show, I’ll post it here.

P.s. for any tech-heads out there, the equipment in the above photo (L-R) is:
Top Row: Dwarfcraft Devices Shiva, Audible Disease Convulsion CN-2, Devi Ever Bit Mangler
Middle Row: Behringer Xenyx 1002, FM3 buddha Machine, Ibanez CS5, Audible Disease Rupture RP-2, Ibanez AD-9, Behringer FD300, Audible Disease Junk-Fi JF-2, M.A.S.F. SCM
Bottom Row: Korg Electribe EA-1 Mkii, BugBrand μCrusher, Korg Electribe ER-1 Mkii

That which is not dead… I choose you!

Gotta catch ’em all… without losing your mind!

 Admit it, you would play that game, wouldn’t you? People of a certain age (i.e. around my own) will have fairly vivid memories of the Pokémon craze sweeping through schools across the country, and of spending ridiculous money in search of foil Charizard. Pssh… kids, eh? (*ahem*magic:thegatheringsecondarymarket*ahem*) Then of course there was/is the immensely popular video games. A version of said game that took the original premise and filled it with eldritch, cosmic horror would be right up my street. Turns out, some people have already thought of it…

Pikathulhu Fhtagn!

To quote straight from the page of the RPG of the same name: “Amid the sagging gables of old New England, evil lurks . . . and squirms, and scuttles, and purrs. Grownups are fleeing in terror, hiding behind the Elder Sign. You’re 10 years old. You’re our last hope. Armed with a Shining Dodecahedron and the elder incantations to make it work, you capture the monsters and train them to use their power . . . But not for evil. For sport. You’ve thrilled to the popular TV show. Now, you can play the game!


Om nom nom.

So, I have never posted a recipe before, nor properly divulged any of my great culinary secrets to the world at large. This is largely because my cooking style tends to be ‘throw-stuff-at-it-until-it’s-really-hot,’ but also because a lot of the tastiest things that I have ever made tend to have been at times when I was quite drunk. It’s never entirely clear whether it’s just the beer munchies talking, or whether this quintiple-decker burger with everything actually is the best thing that I’ve ever eaten…

Recently, I had a few friends around and we had some fajitas and enchiladas (chicken and beef, respectively) at a certain point in the evening to assist with the drinking and the gaming and the Nerf gun modifications. The first couple of pans were pretty standard and I was able to put a selection of my fairly sizeable hot sauce collection on offer (a sample of which can be seen in the photo above).

Later on in the evening, however, we decided we needed to step it up a bit. Measurements are vague if at all present. If in doubt, err on the side of EXTREMELY SPICY. Here it is:

Lots of diced chicken (enough to make at least two fajitas for every person present)
Fry the above in some very hot chili oil (and then add some EXTREME chili oil later)
Liberal application of chili powders (mild and hot)
Plenty of turmeric, garlic, pepper, salt, cinnamon, cumin, garam massala, etc.
Some water to make it nice and saucy
Three types of lager
Some red wine
Plenty of tequila
Nando’s Peri-Peri Hot Sauce
Liberal amounts of Tabasco sauce
Some West Indian Hot Pepper Sauce
A good handful of some unnamed Moroccan spice mix (from a market over there!)
2-3 drops of Dave’s Insanity Hot Sauce
5-6 drops of Mad Dog 357 Ghost Pepper Sauce

Add cheese, put it in a wrap and serve!
It’s delicious… (expect a clarified version of this blog post soon, with real instructions)

Welcome to my blog.

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