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In just a few hours.

This is going to be so awesome.


Hell Yeah

The gig that I’m (easily) most excited about going to this year just got better. Especially as the tickets were an early birthday gift from my beautiful girlfriend Laura. Can’t wait to get my free ep, either. If I had to describe it, I’d say it was the best.

Pretty sweet old school style flyer too


Yesterday I submitted what should be my final ever piece of work for my degree with the Open University. It’s been nearly four-and-a-half years, and it hasn’t quite sunk in that I now have a huge weight off my shoulders and a decent qualification, a real-life quantifiable achievement will be mine (barring some catastrophic fail on my part – best not tempt fate). Anyway, I thought I’d post something to mark the fact and tried to find a song that was halfway related. I got as far as Graduation Day by Head Automatica, and about five seconds into the song before realising that I hate it, and it depresses me that one of the best frontmen of all time is involved with… that. And this isn’t a slander against Head Automatica; indeed I believe Graduation Day to have just been a massive blip -unlike hits such as Beating Hearts Baby which tickle my electric-goo fizzing polyp of pop-tastic erogenous zone in just the right place.

I still cannot wait for the new GJ album if it ever drops. It’s painful waiting now.

P.s. In case you’re wondering, I would whole-heartedly recommend studying through the OU to absolutely anyone – fantastic stuff.


The other day, Barrett said something very true when talking about music: 

I really like leeks. They’re like a cross between onions and polystyrene. 

And then, possibly in an entirely different conversation, he said something like: 

Our generation has no punk rock revolution. 

I’ve had a similar conversation with a few people recently, in particular the rest of There Were Bears and Chris who we were demoing with last week. All the bands from a few years ago that really got me excited about music seem to have stagnated (as previously mentioned) and nothing new has come along to really push things any further. In terms of extreme music, although this sentiment is probably always expressed every couple of years, it feels like there isn’t a whole lot further to go, and in terms of production I think there needs to be a big change. Chris has some very interesting things to say about how rock and pop mixes are now almost indistinguishable. There is a perceived certain way to mix a rock record, and that’s how it is done. Musical apathy aside, really this blog post is to just to direct all of your attention over to the following website. I am inordinately excited about new material from this band, especially given how uninspired I have been by pretty much everything else: 


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