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By the power of Greyskull!

Or: By the power of the internet!

Right now I’m probably somewhere in Sherwood Forest (Adrenalin Jungle, to be more precise) hopefully having a grand old time, doing something very similar to this:

We’re on my friend Chris Reeder’s stag weekend, so don’t expect anything too coherent (if anything at all) for the next day or so. I wrote this, for example, on Thursday.



We’re on a bridge Charlie…

I honestly don’t know how this could be any more win.

Charlie the Unicorn → Dubstep Remix → Profit?

MOAR food

This is either the most childish or the most hilarious thing I have (re)posted on this site or any other, and could well be both. It had me in tears of laughter, just really tickled me. Check out a fuller list here.

I would also like to highlight the use of the ‘food’ tag, never before seen on these pages (though added in retrospect to the previous post). Maybe I’ll write some more about spicy food / try to get some awesome recipes up from friends etc.

Welcome to my blog.

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