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I <3 Noise


Daniel Clough is a sound artist/electroacoustic composer living in London. He explores subjects such as noise, vocal manipulation, field recordings, drones, algorithmic compositional techniques and computer synthesis to create his work.”

He’s also a good friend of mine and is working on a compositional language of his own design for noise (an example of which you can see above). He’s finally using his blog again (I know, I’ve been a bit crap the past few days too) and has put some sweet sound clips up, as well as a bit of artwork and some links to free EPs. You should check it out, even if you wouldn’t normally listen to anything experimental, noisy, droney, whatever. Big up.

Dan and I (quite) a few years ago doing an improv noise session. Lots of Amen breaks that night...


No Sleep Till Bedford


There Were Bears returned to Esquires and…this keyboard enhanced five piece really are dull. Very akin to Coldplay on mogadon. The band say little except to make mention of their prevoius visit. Another yawn.”

Full review here:

More photos over here:

Tethered to the Pole Star


A week today I will be filling in bass guitar for good friends of mine Black Polaris at Hitchin’s Club 85. They’re all lovely blokes, it’s a great line-up (we will be supporting the mighty BlackEye!) and I mean, come on, it’s Club 85! My especially good friend Sean is lending me his 5-string bass especially for the evening as the guys play in drop A# and my current bass strings will go nowhere near that low without losing all… well, all everything really. Again, this is pretty cool of him. Now just to learn an entire set, special pop cover included, and get used to playing a wider necked bass – in a week. You can check out Black Polaris here.


Tomorrow night.


the car’s on fire and there’s no driver at the wheel
and the sewers are all muddied with a thousand lonely suicides
and a dark wind blows

the government is corrupt
and we’re on so many drugs
with the radio on and the curtains drawn

we’re trapped in the belly of this horrible machine
and the machine is bleeding to death

the sun has fallen down
and the billboards are all leering
and the flags are all dead at the top of their poles

it went like this:

the buildings tumbled in on themselves
mothers clutching babies picked through the rubble
and pulled out their hair

the skyline was beautiful on fire
all twisted metal stretching upwards
everything washed in a thin orange haze

i said: “kiss me, you’re beautiful –
these are truly the last days”

you grabbed my hand and we fell into it
like a daydream or a fever

we woke up one morning and fell a little further down –
for sure it’s the valley of death

i open up my wallet
and it’s full of blood

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