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Off the Wagon


It’s the Friday after a very long couple of weeks, I’ve got the weekend off and a tournament on Sunday. The sun was actually (vaguely) out and I’m (still) not stone broke. So I went to the pub, and for the second time this year there was no new post yesterday.

How swift the fall… more proper stuff later! Until then have some Lovecraftian Lolcats-style pictures. 

I want a cephalapod!



Day 07

Ell Oh Ell.

Your Best Friend

I’m not in primary school anymore, and so the idea of a singular best friend, exclusive to all others, is a bit of an odd one. I’m fortunate enough to have quite a large group of friends who are all brilliant, the lads especially who are my drunken brothers. However, seeing as that would make this post even shorter than yesterdays cop-out, I guess I’d better expand a little.

The person with whom I’ve been mates with the longest is (pretty apparently to anyone who knows us) Barrett. It is with him that I have done most of the stupidest shit, got the most drunk, had the ‘best’ ideas with, etc., etc., kind of gay. The other person who would fall into the best friend category would of course be Laura, though for all completely and utterly different reasons (hopefully).

Aside: In starting to do this 30 days thing, I was hoping to force myself into blogging every day and about a wider variety of subjects. Whilst this has been pretty successful, some of these topics are pretty dire – once again highlighting the need for good proofreading. For example, ‘what you wore today’ is both days 10 and 14. However, it has pushed me to attempt WordPress’ challenge of blogging every day in 2011. We shall see.

MOAR food

This is either the most childish or the most hilarious thing I have (re)posted on this site or any other, and could well be both. It had me in tears of laughter, just really tickled me. Check out a fuller list here.

I would also like to highlight the use of the ‘food’ tag, never before seen on these pages (though added in retrospect to the previous post). Maybe I’ll write some more about spicy food / try to get some awesome recipes up from friends etc.

Welcome to my blog.

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