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Chicken Dinner

They don’t call me Champion Dave for nothing…

Crablike appendage not required for this mod.

At the weekend I purchased my second Nerf gun – an N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2. It’s a double-barreled shotgun and it was very simple to modify (at first). We simply drilled out the air restrictor completely (as you can see in the picture above), taped over the daft air release hole in the front part of the air chamber and then wrapped tape around the part where the spring sits on the air chamber to give it a bit of a buffer and to act as spacing. This increased the power of the gun fairly dramatically and didn’t take very long to do at all.

Then it all went belly up. The left chamber either wasn’t cocking or, the cocking mechanism was jamming, or the right chamber just wasn’t firing at all, or some combination of all three from pretty much as soon as I put the gun back together for the ‘final’ time. And I couldn’t figure out at all why. We tried removing some of the tape, gluing some components in place, firing it with only one chamber inside… pretty much everything we could think of, but to no avail.

I realised after much cursing that the rear part of the air chambers (obviously the Barrel Break has two, one for each barrel) were the wrong way around. Each has a clip that I had diligently made sure was facing down, in order to be caught correctly by the cocking mechanism, but we had completely missed the fact that these were off-centre – in the opposite direction to each other. A simple swap of these led to… one successful firing of both barrels.

Finally, late last night I cracked it. Not only had I put the air chambers back into the gun the wrong way around, but I had also put the left-hand trigger mechanism in back to front, explaining why that chamber wasn’t cocking and why the whole action of priming and cocking the gun felt like the whole thing was going to break in my hands (if I didn’t smash it repeatedly against a rock first). It’s all working fine now, though I need to reapply some more tape to act as a spacer or find some other sort of large washer, perhaps, to do the trick. I’vve also spent some of today shaving, filing and sanding down much of the exterior aesthetic nonsense on both the Barrel Break and the Maverick.

My jubilation over the completion of this mod cannot be underestimated, as it was really ticking me off on Sunday and I got a bit frustrated with it, myself and a few of the cooks (too many of ’em) pitching in variously with advice, suggestions and mockery. Still, I’m the one with the working shotgun now. 

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. (More Nerf news and mod updates coming soon).


Shopping List of Champions

My kitchen table, yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, Sean and I had a pretty good day out in Stevenage and the surrounding area (represent, Graveley massive – in particular the Hungry Horse and your ridiculously underpriced food!). We visited all of the staples of a good day’s shopping: Toys’r’Us, Hobby Craft, Argos, B&Q and an Extreme Laser Tag centre. As you do.

1 Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 Blaster
1 Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 blaster
1 Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2 Blaster
1 Litre of Latex Liquid Rubber
1 Bottle of Latex Thickener
1 25mm Paint Brush
1 Junior Hacksaw
2 Cans of Citadel Chaos Black Spray Paint
1 Large Glass Jar
1 pack of 35 N-Strike Whistler Darts (reduced as there was one missing!)
1 N-Strike Flip Clip (with 24 darts)
1 pack of 36 N-Strike Clip System Darts
3 meters of 2″ Waste Pipe
3 meters of 3/8″ Overflow Waste Pipe
1 40mm Coupling
1 40mm ABS Expansion Coupling
1 pack of AA Batteries

Also on the list were some cheap wire coat hangers, but we couldn’t find any so I have salvaged some from home instead. All of this obviously cool stuff aside though, plus the mighty amount of meat that we ate, there was something even cooler that we managed to achieve today. The manager/owner of a certain Laser Tag center thinks it would be absolutely fine for us to hire out the space for Nerf War – hells yeah! Just hope we can get this sorted soon, but we first need… Moar Guns!

Hopefully all of the slightly more cryptic items on the list (plumbing goods and latex?) will be explained on this here blog within the next week or two, along with some more modding guides/updates for my new Barrel Break shotgun and the Maverick, which I do intend to actually finish soon. Honestly.

For posterity's sake: Sean's current arsenal!

Maverick Modding, pt.6

As aptly demonstrated by the previous few updates, once you take a few screws out the Nerf Maverick comes apart pretty easily into a bunch of different pieces. Given that my end goal is to seal up all the mould lines, re-sculpt some details and give the whole thing a tasty paint job, it seemed a good idea to superglue various components in place.

The air cylinder glued into place.

There is actually another modification that I could try out here, and may yet do so. In the above picture you get a pretty clear shot at the front of the air cylinder – in one suggested mod online, you can make this opening smaller in order to create a more focused and powerful stream of air. The usual way to do this is to cut a drinking straw down to size and affix it in the center of the usual opening, sealing around the edges with modelling putty or the like. I may yet still do this.
Springs and things.

 Yes, my gluing frenzy even encompassed all the funny little internal springs like the one above and the one on the bottom of the cocking mechanism. This is all probably a little overzealous but I really don’t watch to seal the gun up for good, only for it to misfire and be useless because something’s come loose inside.

Every background shot so far has included a huge amount of crap.

A little note on this front barrel piece (the orange circular component in the photo above). It’s important to keep this its original Nerf-tastic orange colour… To avoid getting shot by the police. Seriously.

Maverick Modding, pt.5

The next (and maybe the most important) aspect of the Maverick that I modified was the spring tension i.e. the thing that gives your Nerf gun all the power and ‘oomph’ required to send foamy death at your enemies/friends. The first way to do this is to put some sort of spacer between the back of the section that houses the firing mechanism and the spring. This reduces the space the spring has, meaning that to cock the gun you have to put more tension of the spring and this results in, whaddayaknow, more power. I originally tried this (as seen in the photo below) with five English pennies which just so happen to be the exact perfect fit. However five was too many, and for a while I was worried that I’d completely buggered it because I simply could not get the gun to cock at all. Issues.  

Attempt #1…

Aside: There have been a few questions regarding the legality of using English coins for this purpose, i.e. is it an offence to effectively deface legal tender bearing the image of the Monarch? I did my best searching around the internet and found this section apparently from legislation dating to 1973:

17. Whosoever shall deface any current gold, silver, or copper coin, by stamping thereon any names or words, whether such coin shall or shall not be thereby diminished or lightened, shall be guilty of a misdemeanour, and being convicted thereof, shall be liable, at the discretion of the court, to be imprisoned for any term not exceeding one year, with or without hard labour.

18. No tender or payment in money made in any gold, silver or copper coin so defaced by stamping, as is mentioned in section 17, or defaced by piercing, or in any other manner shall be allowed to be a legal tender; and whosoever shall tender, utter, or put off any coin so defaced shall, on summary conviction thereof, be liable to a fine not exceeding four dollars:
Provided, that it shall not be lawful for any person to proceed for any such last-mentioned penalty without the consent of Her Majesty’s Director of Public Prosecutions.

Obviously some of the wording is a little funny and I’m not sure if any of this still stands today, but it would appear that other people have tried to ask the same question before and received no response from the Royal Mint. Chances are that it is still illegal, but barring doing anything on a grand scale involving thousands or millions of coins in circulation (such as advertising on them) the justice system probably have better things to be worrying about. End aside.

The finished product!

So, it turns out that four English pennies (superglued into place to stop them from falling down or out of position and potentially screwing things up) is the ideal amount. This obviously makes pulling the slide back to cock the gun a little harder, but is worth it for the satisfying crack that the gun now makes every time it fires with a fairly noticeable amount more power. Very happy with this mod.

Maverick Modding, pt.4

Just some updated photos to clarify what’s been done previously:

Here's where the spokes sat inside the chambers as I was saying the other day, now removed and nicely filed down.

Here are those two springs in front of the barrel, as previously mentioned. They do actually help!

Laura's Maverick with standard barrel next to mine with the so-called 'roulette' barrel mod.

Some more new mod updates coming very soon!

Maverick Modding, pt.3

Stage three of the Maverick modifications included removing the air restrictors between the firing mechanism and the chamber holding the dart, and also the spokes that sit in the chambers. To do this, we just opened up the back of the barrel, removing the three screws and took out everything that we deemed unnecessary (i.e. most of it). It was also at this stage that we simply snipped out the spokes and filed down the components to which they were attached.

Pssh... Don't need all this junk.

I would show you a picture of inside the gun for this but due to a mixture of bad screwdrivers and screwdrivers that are too small (schoolboy errors) I’m dangerously close to grinding off the head of one of the screws that affixes the back plate of the barrel to the rest of it. Instead here’s a picture I found on the internet showing you how it’s done:

Thanks to the internet!

Some people drill right through everything thing (though I have read many stories of this going horribly wrong) and even replace the barrels completely with their own – but I can’t be arsed to do this. On a friend’s advice, I also added two of the spare springs from this process onto the main metal pole that runs through the barrel and holds it onto the hinges. Placed between the forward hinge and the front of the barrel, this just gives a bit of resistance and pushes the chamber back onto the firing chamber for a touch more power/shock absorption, allegedly.

Does this do anything? I have no idea.

Next stage: Defacing the Queen!

Maverick Modding, pt.2

Starting with the easiest bits first, after having taken my Maverick apart I began by working on the barrel. Basically, in factory-fresh mode the button on the side of the gun allows the barrel to drop out just far enough for you to get at one chamber cleanly, for reloading.  You then have to spin for each one and it’s tiresome, downright tiresome. So instead I decided to file down the little catch that sits on the hinge holding the barrel into place so that it’ll drop out and hopefully give me enough room to see at least four chambers at once. Tip if you’re doing this yourself: make sure that it’s completely flush.

This obviously isn't completely flush, but I didn't take a 'before' picture so this should still help locate the bit I'm on about.

After doing this I also needed to get rid of the little  catch that’s moulded onto the left hand side of the casing, just behind where the barrel sits. Quick and easy slice off with the Stanley knife again, and filed to a smooth surface for completion’s sake.

A proper 'before' picture. Ignore how grim it looks, that's just the residual crap from me filing off the safety warnings.

Next step: catching some sweet air.

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