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Thing in a jar, pt.1

This is hardly something new, and there are many good examples of other people having done precisely this and more, but as so many others before me I’ve always been fairly enchanted by the stereotypical laboratories and workshops of mad scientists, necromancers and Cthulhu cultists alike. So I have decided to make my very own ‘thing in a jar’ mostly for use in our Call of Cthulhu campaign, but also just because it’s the sort of thing that I think is cool. The main part of the structure, the ‘body’ of my… uhm, ‘thing’ if you like… was where I started:

Very simply: two champagne (or similar) corks drilled out and pinned together with a brass rod and liberal amounts of superglue.

Next I thought about giving my thing some sort of claw / head / other non-specific appendage but definitely something to be the main focus of the thing. It’s kind of hard to glue non-Euclidean shapes out of things that you find lying around your house, but I thought that this so-called desert rose crystal with a fossilised shar’s tooth on top looked kind of cool. I’m also adding some glass beads in non-symmetrical numbers and places to (possibly) represent eyes.

Old ornaments and things you find lying around in old drawers/boxes under the bed are a brilliant source of inspiration. Also, superglue is your friend.

Finally, as the… ‘assembly?’ …above is going to sit on top of the thing in the jar, and it weighs quite a lot, I decided that I needed to start constructing a base for the thing. Something to act as ballast to keep the thing upright once it’s submerged and sealed in the jar. So I drilled through some English two pence pieces and pinned them together with a brass rod. I find myself defacing the Queen’s image way too much recently.

I really hope I don't get hanged for treason...

More updates coming soon: Tentacles, eyes, limbs, sickly flesh… all this and much more to be revealed! Fhtagn!


Shopping List of Champions

My kitchen table, yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, Sean and I had a pretty good day out in Stevenage and the surrounding area (represent, Graveley massive – in particular the Hungry Horse and your ridiculously underpriced food!). We visited all of the staples of a good day’s shopping: Toys’r’Us, Hobby Craft, Argos, B&Q and an Extreme Laser Tag centre. As you do.

1 Nerf N-Strike Longshot CS-6 Blaster
1 Nerf N-Strike Barricade RV-10 blaster
1 Nerf N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2 Blaster
1 Litre of Latex Liquid Rubber
1 Bottle of Latex Thickener
1 25mm Paint Brush
1 Junior Hacksaw
2 Cans of Citadel Chaos Black Spray Paint
1 Large Glass Jar
1 pack of 35 N-Strike Whistler Darts (reduced as there was one missing!)
1 N-Strike Flip Clip (with 24 darts)
1 pack of 36 N-Strike Clip System Darts
3 meters of 2″ Waste Pipe
3 meters of 3/8″ Overflow Waste Pipe
1 40mm Coupling
1 40mm ABS Expansion Coupling
1 pack of AA Batteries

Also on the list were some cheap wire coat hangers, but we couldn’t find any so I have salvaged some from home instead. All of this obviously cool stuff aside though, plus the mighty amount of meat that we ate, there was something even cooler that we managed to achieve today. The manager/owner of a certain Laser Tag center thinks it would be absolutely fine for us to hire out the space for Nerf War – hells yeah! Just hope we can get this sorted soon, but we first need… Moar Guns!

Hopefully all of the slightly more cryptic items on the list (plumbing goods and latex?) will be explained on this here blog within the next week or two, along with some more modding guides/updates for my new Barrel Break shotgun and the Maverick, which I do intend to actually finish soon. Honestly.

For posterity's sake: Sean's current arsenal!

Crime Never Pays

Another project for 2011! Awesome! This time round, I’m supplying some music and ambient noise for a video game level that Binky is making as part of his degree. The game itself has been described to me as being like “28 Days Later but with werewolves and set in neo-China”. This quite clearly being the best exposition that I have ever heard. I can visualise a full theatrical trailer even better than the recent one for Dead Island (if you haven’t watched it then, well… do so!). The preview above clearly shows off some of the setting and stylistic decisions for the level – now imagine it with some creepy, droney, glitchy, horrific ambient noise behind it all. That’s my job:

Just after everything went tits up.

This is just a little snapshot of one of the setups that I was using to create some sounds last weekend, and as the caption and my post from Friday alluded to, things went a little awry. My adaptor decided to stop working (no idea whatsoever why that should be the case) and so I didn’t get a whole lot done, but it’s fine again now. I’m hoping to start recording the music for this project, or demos at least, throughout March. As soon as I have something to show, I’ll post it here.

P.s. for any tech-heads out there, the equipment in the above photo (L-R) is:
Top Row: Dwarfcraft Devices Shiva, Audible Disease Convulsion CN-2, Devi Ever Bit Mangler
Middle Row: Behringer Xenyx 1002, FM3 buddha Machine, Ibanez CS5, Audible Disease Rupture RP-2, Ibanez AD-9, Behringer FD300, Audible Disease Junk-Fi JF-2, M.A.S.F. SCM
Bottom Row: Korg Electribe EA-1 Mkii, BugBrand μCrusher, Korg Electribe ER-1 Mkii

More B Flat

Here’s something excellent that was shown to me a few days ago. It started as an experiment in embedding multiple YouTube videos on one page, and the guy who started it recoding some music for it. He then sent out emails and put up an open call on the website for submissions, with instructions to follow as to the kind of tempo/style/mood of the videos he was looking for.

The resulting videos now comprise the main page of – you should really check it out! It reminds quite a lot of seeing Godspeed You! Black Emperor live a little while back (they were amazing) because of the selection of instruments and use of spoken word, etc. It’s very cool.

The video below is a composite of the parts currently on and is obviously just one of many ways that the individual videos can be combined to create new sounds every time. Look out for some pretty sweet instrument choices…

Welcome to my blog.

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