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The Thing

This past couple of weeks have been fuelled by images of the strange (predominantly the usual Lovecraftian madness) and welded to the processes of improvisational construction and modification. Later on tonight, I’m hoping to continue work on my thing in a jar over at Inner Sanctum collectibles (as well as some more miniatures for IABSM) but last night I watched The Thing, the classic 1982 sci-fi/horror (Lovecraftian cosmic horror, anyone?). I mean, John Carpenter directing, a score by Ennio Morricone and the magnificent Kurt Russell in the lead – who could ask for more?

Burn it. Burn it with fire!

As it happens, it doesn’t matter who, as we got more anyway. If you haven’t seen The Thing, then suffice to say it was absolutely groundbreaking in terms of its special effects – the majority of which were created by Rob Bottin (only 22 years old at the time i.e. the same age as me). Some of these effects have now become fairly legendary in shocking horror movie moments legend – such as the use of a double amputee for the scene in which a man’s arms are ripped off by a giant alien maw. Oh, spoiler alert.

In fact all the gribbliness of the film has not only helped spur on my own model-making project, but also given me some more campaign ideas for Call of Cthulhu. Actually, part of the reason that I decided to watch the film properly was on the recommendation of another keeper, a certain Mr. John Wick who wrote a monograph for Chaosium entitled Digging For A Dead God. The scenario focuses on a group of Nazi soldiers in 1939 who stumble across an unfathomable evil – as per CoC standards.

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Raffy – Stage 1.5

Not mine, but very cool.

It’s been a while since I posted anything about this particular project (over a month, actually) and that’s mostly because I haven’t done anything. I’ve been quite distracted with Nerf gun modifications recently, as well as finally trying to put together some of my Airfix and Revell WWII miniatures in order to play I Ain’t Been Shot Mum (which is still fantastic).

Pretty much all I’ve done in the past few weeks is look at it and think about what I could do. There hasn’t been much doing, other than that I went out and bought the guitar string that I’m going to be using to represent big thick coils of electrical wires – a RotoSound 0.48 looked about the right size, though it could potentially have been even thicker. Currently working on how I’m going to work it into the design and get it to stay in place if I decide to position it a certain way.

Lastly, I finally got round to sculpting some Green Stuff (modelling putty) around the large plastic component that I’d put on its back. I haven’t quite reached the stage of smooth contours and a perfect blend yet, but filling some of the holes and generally creating a base to work from is still a good start. I’m so glad I picked up these colour shapers as well, easily the best tool for this sort of thing. I’ll get some pictures up once it’s done.

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