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Chicken Dinner

They don’t call me Champion Dave for nothing…

Crablike appendage not required for this mod.

At the weekend I purchased my second Nerf gun – an N-Strike Barrel Break IX-2. It’s a double-barreled shotgun and it was very simple to modify (at first). We simply drilled out the air restrictor completely (as you can see in the picture above), taped over the daft air release hole in the front part of the air chamber and then wrapped tape around the part where the spring sits on the air chamber to give it a bit of a buffer and to act as spacing. This increased the power of the gun fairly dramatically and didn’t take very long to do at all.

Then it all went belly up. The left chamber either wasn’t cocking or, the cocking mechanism was jamming, or the right chamber just wasn’t firing at all, or some combination of all three from pretty much as soon as I put the gun back together for the ‘final’ time. And I couldn’t figure out at all why. We tried removing some of the tape, gluing some components in place, firing it with only one chamber inside… pretty much everything we could think of, but to no avail.

I realised after much cursing that the rear part of the air chambers (obviously the Barrel Break has two, one for each barrel) were the wrong way around. Each has a clip that I had diligently made sure was facing down, in order to be caught correctly by the cocking mechanism, but we had completely missed the fact that these were off-centre – in the opposite direction to each other. A simple swap of these led to… one successful firing of both barrels.

Finally, late last night I cracked it. Not only had I put the air chambers back into the gun the wrong way around, but I had also put the left-hand trigger mechanism in back to front, explaining why that chamber wasn’t cocking and why the whole action of priming and cocking the gun felt like the whole thing was going to break in my hands (if I didn’t smash it repeatedly against a rock first). It’s all working fine now, though I need to reapply some more tape to act as a spacer or find some other sort of large washer, perhaps, to do the trick. I’vve also spent some of today shaving, filing and sanding down much of the exterior aesthetic nonsense on both the Barrel Break and the Maverick.

My jubilation over the completion of this mod cannot be underestimated, as it was really ticking me off on Sunday and I got a bit frustrated with it, myself and a few of the cooks (too many of ’em) pitching in variously with advice, suggestions and mockery. Still, I’m the one with the working shotgun now. 

Winner, winner, chicken dinner. (More Nerf news and mod updates coming soon).


Off the Wagon


It’s the Friday after a very long couple of weeks, I’ve got the weekend off and a tournament on Sunday. The sun was actually (vaguely) out and I’m (still) not stone broke. So I went to the pub, and for the second time this year there was no new post yesterday.

How swift the fall… more proper stuff later! Until then have some Lovecraftian Lolcats-style pictures. 

I want a cephalapod!


Pro Evo

Laura tried to name her final major degree project this. Truth.

I’ve been a bit busy today, but I’m working on some proper posts for the next few days on various topics including games design, sweet deck tech, a new book review or two (finally) and, of course, more Cthulhu-related insanity! Thanks for reading.

Maverick Modding, pt.7

Grinding it down, man…

Work in progress shot, obv.

This is almost certainly (i.e. barring some unforseen disaster) the penultimate blog post about the modifications that I have been doing to / wreaking upon my Nerf N-Strike Maverick. I’m sure that the Airsoft guys are laughing at us, yes. And everyone else over the age of twelve, but whatever.

The final stage is purely aesthetic as it consisted of me slicing, filing and sanding down all the unsightly parts of the gun’s outer casing such as the N-Strike shield, the weird bobbles on the grip (as in the picture above) and all the other embossed writing such as the gun’s name along the undercarriage and the safety warnings on the side, which from memory read something like:

  • Do not aim at eyes or face.
  • Do not modify dart blaster or darts.
  • Do not have any kind of fun whatsoever.
  • Do not hit your friends with anything harder than some wimpily-thrown down feather.
  • More boring crap.

Point is, all that stuff has gone the way of all mould lines, and all the screw holes and other gaps are being Green Stuffed ready for the paint job and any other extra stuff I feel like adding to it – the final stage!

P.s. maybe it’s time for Airsoft next? We’re already stocking up on paint/smoke grenades for paintballing on the stag weekend next month.

Just Bear Stuffs

Photo by Jen Head

My band There Were Bears are mobilising this year. It’s been some time since we released our first e.p. Mornings and we finally started demoing tracks for the new record before Christmas. That was the first batch of five demos and as far as I’m aware we intend to do the same again with another batch or two until we have the right mix of songs, and the right versions of those songs for the album. We have already cut a couple of previously dead certs. from the album (though there will be a split vinyl appearing sometime soon using at least one of these – more details to follow).

I don’t actually know for certain if I’m supposed to be divulging this information, but here we go – spoiler alert – the name of the new record, our first full length album will be: ‘You are seen, you are known, you are loved.’

There Was Beard

After that bombshell, here’s a picture of Matt and his mighty beard, grown for a charity bet. It’s really rather amazing. It’s also important to document whilst it still exists as it may not even be present at our next gig – which is this coming Saturday at Bedford Esquires as main support to homegrown heroes Flood of Red. If you’re in the area you should come on down!

Raffy – Stage 1.5

Not mine, but very cool.

It’s been a while since I posted anything about this particular project (over a month, actually) and that’s mostly because I haven’t done anything. I’ve been quite distracted with Nerf gun modifications recently, as well as finally trying to put together some of my Airfix and Revell WWII miniatures in order to play I Ain’t Been Shot Mum (which is still fantastic).

Pretty much all I’ve done in the past few weeks is look at it and think about what I could do. There hasn’t been much doing, other than that I went out and bought the guitar string that I’m going to be using to represent big thick coils of electrical wires – a RotoSound 0.48 looked about the right size, though it could potentially have been even thicker. Currently working on how I’m going to work it into the design and get it to stay in place if I decide to position it a certain way.

Lastly, I finally got round to sculpting some Green Stuff (modelling putty) around the large plastic component that I’d put on its back. I haven’t quite reached the stage of smooth contours and a perfect blend yet, but filling some of the holes and generally creating a base to work from is still a good start. I’m so glad I picked up these colour shapers as well, easily the best tool for this sort of thing. I’ll get some pictures up once it’s done.

Maverick Modding, pt.6

As aptly demonstrated by the previous few updates, once you take a few screws out the Nerf Maverick comes apart pretty easily into a bunch of different pieces. Given that my end goal is to seal up all the mould lines, re-sculpt some details and give the whole thing a tasty paint job, it seemed a good idea to superglue various components in place.

The air cylinder glued into place.

There is actually another modification that I could try out here, and may yet do so. In the above picture you get a pretty clear shot at the front of the air cylinder – in one suggested mod online, you can make this opening smaller in order to create a more focused and powerful stream of air. The usual way to do this is to cut a drinking straw down to size and affix it in the center of the usual opening, sealing around the edges with modelling putty or the like. I may yet still do this.
Springs and things.

 Yes, my gluing frenzy even encompassed all the funny little internal springs like the one above and the one on the bottom of the cocking mechanism. This is all probably a little overzealous but I really don’t watch to seal the gun up for good, only for it to misfire and be useless because something’s come loose inside.

Every background shot so far has included a huge amount of crap.

A little note on this front barrel piece (the orange circular component in the photo above). It’s important to keep this its original Nerf-tastic orange colour… To avoid getting shot by the police. Seriously.

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