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Cthul Who?

The number of web comics that I regularly read has been steadily increasing over the past few weeks and now I find myself up-to-date with, and eagerly awaiting more from: XKCD, Nerf This, Axe Cop, Heroes Inc. and Tails. The last two are new and come on the recommendation of and/or sponsored links on the pages of some of the prior ones. All are quite different and seem to have enough story, humour and whatever else makes me tick to keep my interest up. All are very much worth checking out.
Seeing as how I’ve had a pretty quiet Sunday afternoon, I thought I’d turn my hand to a bit of slapdash… cartoonery? Cartooning? Either way, I’m not for a second suggesting that I will ever have anything on the artists responsible for the comics listed above, more that I was bored and fancied messing about. The joke’s a bit obvious and probably been done before, but it made me giggle.
(Click on the images to see them full size)

'Entrances' - Make a SAN check.

Believe it or not, amazing as you no doubt find my ‘artwork’ to be, I actually envisioned certain aspects of the strip being a little bit less simplistic. I actually sketched out what I thought it would like on my whiteboard (I love that thing) but then I ended up with really poor quality scans and photos and it seemed like a bit too much work to make it presentable. Here it is for reference, anyway:

More tentacles!

In sanity loss-related developments, I’ve ordered a copy of Masks of Nyarlothotep and am looking to start the campaign in about half a dozen sessions time, now that we have at least one (sort of) new player in our group. Binky’s back from university for the forseeable and there may or may not be another female joining us soon – we shall see! If anyone who has run the Masks campaign has any helpful hints or tips they’d be happy to impart to me I’d be really grateful.



Seriously, if you don’t read XKCD yet then you definitely should:

Give a man a fish, or he will destroy the only existing vial of antidote.

Pray For Sharks

Following on from my post the other week about Nerf This (still great, some big things happening story-wise over there atm) I have today caught up a little bit more with the rest of the internet in my discovery of Axe Cop. I’m pretty appalling when it comes to paying attention to web comics barring XKCD (today’s strip is fantastic by the way) and the odd bit of Order of the Stick (which I did sort of reach a point with, to be fair).

Axe Cop

Axe Cop is my new love! Discovering it via some link-clicking off an article Laura showed me about the worst RPG characters people had ever encountered, it is a strip drawn by a fully grown man (30 years old) but written entirely by his 6-year-old little brother (5 when they started it). It’s about a cop who finds a fireman axe and so becomes Axe Cop, fighting all of the bad guys. It is every bit of amazing that you might think it is, and more. Check it out.

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